Thursday, March 1, 2012

Master knows...

Recently, Master expressed his feeling that he has been a little relaxed with my submissive training, what with my moving to a new apartment with my Mother, my having a head cold and other vanilla things that get in the way of TTWD.
While i appreciate the fact that He is always thinking of His submissive kitten’s world, when to increase and/or decrease my submissive training.  After all, O/our dynamic is a mix of both worlds, but i am always in submission to Him, so when the training decreases, i feel it.  Plans to spend the rest of O/our lives together allow me to enjoy every moment with Master, so i typically don’t relay feelings of my missing certain things. 
But though i may not express it, Master knows…He picks up on my moods like nobody ever has…not my former relationships, nor my family, but He can in an instant.  So He decided to kick-it-up-a-notch with my training and it has been absolutely fabulous, with tinges of frustration (good frustration, but still)…
For example, this week, whenever i saw my car, i was to (as soon as possible, if not right there in the car) pinch my/His nipples 5 times and pinch my/His clit 10 times.  This morning, this increased to 10/10 AND, it would be when i saw my car (10/10), got into my car (another 10/10) and out of my car (an additional 10/10), so basically, 30/30 for each use of my car **giggles**
Well, this morning, kitten woke up feeling so horny, i could’ve fucked the bedroom door handle and have been happy, so i texted Master for permission and was denied a release…i was granted the ability to touch my/His pussy, but not release **sigh** which made me hornier!  i then texted a begging plea for a reconsideration – probably not a good idea – and was shot down.  Then, i texted a *pout* like a bratty kitten and was told i would be receiving 10 paddle swats for it, as well as i was to insert the white BenWa balls until i got to work.  This was followed by His texting hot pics of the ‘O’ video to get me even hotter, which was fitting as i was a brat.
Master is home today, so i get the benefit of frequent texting (which i adore so much).  One said to put white balls back in for an hour at noon, clamp nipples for 20 at noon, another was Him telling me how he loves me.  How did i get so lucky???
How am i feeling?  Frustrated (sexually), but OH SO submissive!  To be denied an orgasm is so horrible and awesome at the same time, it is hard to convey just how it makes me feel, so i thought i would try to express it in a blog **smiles**


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