Friday, March 16, 2012


When SirW and i first began, i noticed subtle differences between He and myself, as He is Canadian and i am American.  And, aside from being American, i was raised in the San Fernando Valley, which makes me a "Valley Girl" - like Oh mee Gawd, totally, fur-sure! *smiles* I grew up hearing my share of, "Like gag me with a spoon" and it made me giggle.  In fact, the frequency in which some used the word "like" was alarming to me, but i felt it was a phase.  There were many things said that were the newest trend and it continues to today.  i remember when the word dope meant cool, bad meant good, etc.  i also have some things i say that have a different meaning...

Sometime, during Our first couple of weeks, Master said something that prompted me to say, "Shut Up!"  And the next thing i knew, Master told me to stand up, clasp my hands behind my neck and face the wall.  He proceeded to tell me that i had forgotten my place and i was not to disrespect Him with words like these.  While in this position, i giggled inside, for i meant no disrespect whatsoever, but i was not permitted to speak my explanation until after He released me from that position.

No Way!  Get Out!  You're Not Serious! Whoa Stop!  Are You Freakin' Kidding Me?  Come On, Really?

All those mentioned in the last sentence are what was meant by my saying, Shut Up! i explained to Master, and even though He understood and was relieved to know i did not actually mean to tell Him to shut up, He asked that i not say that to Him in any context, as it will be considered a form of disrespect in the D/s protocol realm.  i, of course, said, "Yes Sir" and smiled.  We joke about it now, but i still never say it directly to Him...and sometimes, in jest, when We are alone, He'll say it to me and We both giggle at the memory of Our 1st weeks together.


The day after the incident, the bratty kitten i am posted this song on His Facebook *grins evilly*


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