Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love Letters

Our love story began a little over 13 months ago, and from the very beginning, i’ve been shown that a Man can express himself eloquently from the heart.  As the months have passed, Master has written the most beautiful love letters to me.  Letters that have expressed His love for me, His need to Dominate me, to take care of me and how i complete Him.  This is the type of absolutely beautiful communication W/we share.  The words contained within these letters have me crying happy tears, for they convey His deepest emotions for me.  Not a day goes by that i wonder how He feels – He always makes sure i know.  These letters are so filled with romanticism and beauty as He expresses His desire for me physically, emotionally and spiritually, that i find the breath being taken from me and sit in amazement at such a giving soul.  He does not have to bare His soul, yet He does and i cherish this about Him from the bottom of my heart.
Because of the trust, the pedals of O/our individual flowers have opened and bloomed in full color and fragrance.  i cherish this precious treasure i have been entrusted with and treasure it above all else.  
As W/we continue to grow and learn about each O/other, it becomes even clearer that W/we are meant to be and have been in past lifetimes, as W/we will be lifetime after lifetime, for all eternity.  This is O/our love…this is what is expressed in the love letters that W/we share with each O/other.  i’ve said it time and time again, that if this were my last day on Earth, my life has been so complete and rewarding because of Him. 
My darling Master, thank You for today, yesterday and all past days You’ve shown me Your heart.  i belong to You: mind, body, heart and soul!
*smiles with bright eyes*

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  1. Your happiness is contagious:)! Thank you for sharing.