Thursday, March 29, 2012


The anticipation of SirW and i being together in one week is such sweet torture...thoughts of His hand wrapped in my hair, pulling my head back, controlling the force in which Oour lips collide into each other.  This alone will have me wet and i am not aloud to wear panties when i pick Him up at the airport, so he will smell my arousal immediately.  It's been a long 4 months, but the love Wwe share, the bond and connection that binds Uus is extraordinary.  We are...Oone.  i am so fucking anxious for this week to go by, but i need to maintain calm, cool and collected, for the days will pass and the time will come where Wwe are once again in each other's arms, as it should be (He will be meeting my Father for the first time).  It will be an amazing 10 days!  Then He'll go back to Canada and i will remain here, in the desert until June, when i will fly to Canada to see Him for 10 days (and i will meet His Mother for the first time)...then, in August, the BIG MOVE happens and off to Canada i go to permanently be with Him and a new chapter in Oour lives begins.  Wwe are so truly blessed to have found this deep love that goes from me to Him and to me from Him.


  1. Have a WONDERFUL time together ��

  2. You sound so excited and happy. Enjoy.