Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Day Dream dreams of the a time when SirW and i are together...
Today’s bath was filled with hot lavender and vanilla bubbles.  i scrub my skin from head to toe, fingering His pussy and ass to make sure it is squeaky clean and ready for use.  Then i soak, allowing the scent to sink into my skin.  The glass of wine i sat nearby is sipped and the candles are illuminating the ceiling with dancing flames and i smile thinking about the feeding kitten will receive when Master walks through the door, the things Master will do to me in Our dungeon, the romance We will share at dinner, the love We will make later, His warm body sleeping next to mine, His scent that makes me feel intoxicated.
After the bath, i blow dry my hair, apply make-up, put the rouge on His nipples and pussy lips and make sure all my preparations have been accomplished.  A review of the house to make sure it is clean, candles are lit, flowers in vases, fragrance is permeating about, music softly playing, wine uncorked and glasses nearby, dinner cooking in the kitchen, pussy wet with anticipation of my Master’s return home.
The sound of the car pulling into the drive way makes its way to my ears, so I run with excitement to the front door naked and kneel: knees as far apart as possible, back straight, chin up (proud to be His), palms face up on knees, big smile on my lips and a light in my eyes…my Master will be walking through that door any moment, and with Him comes everything I need: love, Domination, fun, passion and more.  My heart beats louder and louder as the footsteps near the front door.
The door opens and in walks the love of my life, SirW, with a smile on His face and He says, thank you kitten, for all you do…i look up at Him and open my mouth for what i've been craving all day...
...this life is on the horizon, Our journey has lead Us here, now it's time to embrace it...well, soon enough anyway...

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