Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Purrrfect Date!

Eyes, covered by a soft blindfold, rest with anticipation of what’s to follow.  The crack of the first whip, knowledge of a nice pink welt on His ass feels oh so good as the heat begins to radiate the area that waits for the 2nd crack of the whip, which comes harder than the first, leaving another mark of pride on His ass.  Then another crack lands, and then another and soon wetness forms on the inside of the blindfold and a whimper lets Him know the pain and pleasure is building within me…
A brief pause to recover, He leans down and asks me how i am doing, to which i reply simply, “Green Sir.”
Twas not long before the falls of the flogger started to caress His backside.  With each flogging, His ass rises to meet the next.  The pace increases, perhaps due to a dual flogging, which makes the chills greet my skin from head to toe.  My mind slowly wanders away from my body, as though i can see what is happening from above like a spectator.  Time stands still as His body jiggles with each slap of the floggers and a smile forms on His kitten’s lips.
A brief pause to recover, He leans down and asks me how i am doing, to which i reply simply, “Green Sir.”
Unsure of the next sensations that was being administered to my skin, i feel a sharp claw-like scratching on my back, which sends tickling chills through my body and His nipples being to harden, my body slightly shivers.  This is obviously noticed immediately, for a soft warming blanket is smoothed out over me and i sit as He prepares the next part of the scene.
Not much time goes by before the blanket it removed and a new sensation begins to send electricity up and down my body…not enough to shock me out of my meditative state of mind, but enough to feel the zaps of electricity all over.  Suddenly, a kiss from His lips teases my lips and His pussy begins to trickle a pretty little pearl of sweet nectar towards my thighs, when I hear Him say, “kitten, I can smell your arousal.”
A few swats with a paddle and crop on His ass brings me out of my meditative state, only to hear the sound of vibrations coming closer, until finally i feel the head of the magic wand rub on His wet pussy, making the hips move and want more, but it is taken away soon after He notices my orgasm building close.
A drumming of wood, perhaps bamboo sticks on my back and ass begins, which feels so good and reminds me that my Master is a talented drummer in His spare time, one of the many things i am proud of Him for and my smile widens from ear to ear.
After i turn over, His nipples are spanked with what feels like a small flogger of sorts until the prickling sensation of the Wartenberg wheel starts to run all over my body, bringing me into a new phase of pain and pleasure, for He knows the perfect pressure that shows His confidence with this and all the toys He uses on me in conjunction with each other, in just the right order to bring out the best in His kitten.
Wooden clothes pegs are clamped to His nipples, which sends a pulse right to His pussy.  Then, again i feel His lips braise mine and another trickle of pearly goodness drips from His pussy.  Then more clothes pegs are attached all around His breasts and a brief pause to monitor me, He asks how i am doing, to which i reply, “Green Sir.”  He praises my willingness to please Him and lets me know i have pleased Him greatly, which makes the feel swell in my heart.  The chills are brought back to my whole body when a furry soft feeling, like rabbit fur is smoothed over His body, making me shiver again from head to toe.
After a brief pause, i suddenly feel a strong burning sensation land on my breasts, then another, then another.  Obviously, i can tell this is wax being dripped on me, which brings out a pain that makes me squirm and moan sensually.  At this time, the magic wand returns to His wet pussy and He knows it won’t be long before His kitten begs for release…
“Master!  … Master?! … Master, Please?! … “Please what, kitten?” … Master, Please may i cum for You? … “Cum for me or cum for You, kitten?”  For You Sir, my orgasms belong to You Master! … Please?!?!?!  … “OK kitten, cum for me, cum for me NOW!!!”  Ahhhhhhhhhh!  The waves rush over me, the pussy pulsates, i giggle without trying, my body quivers and convulses and i immediately say, “Thank You Master!!!”
Master recently asked me if i missed being flogged, whipped and the receipt of various other forms of pain and why i missed it.  The only real answer i can give is, "YES!  Because it feels good!!!"  i enjoy all the different aspects of O/our relationship, both vanilla nd non-vanilla - hell yes i do!!!

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  1. wow that was hot kitten, no wonder you begged...smiles

    blossom x