Friday, March 30, 2012

kitten's Fantasy!

Before i tell Y/you about kitten's fantasy, i must state for the record that i have had lovers prior to fact, i was married previously for over 15 years and throughout my sexual history, i have used fantasy to increase my pleasure when having sex and/or masturbating with myself and see absolutely nothing wrong with it - i encourage it and think it is a healthy thing to do.  There are fantasies that O/one might wish could come true and others that should remain a fantasy in order for it to be useful in the mind.

In all my previous sexual relationships, my fantasies have been about situations that i may or may not actually do in real life, thus what makes them fantasies for me.  They have been sometimes romantic, but usually extremely nasty and whore-ish *giggles*

I also must state for the record that i love SirW inside and out and when i strip away all the amazing non-materialistic qualities he possesses, i am left in awe of how truly amazing He is and how much i truly love the core of Him...His heart, His mind...all the things that really matter..

B U T...

This post is one in which i can honestly say, from the depths of my being, that SirW is in all my deepest, darkest fantasies.  Putting all the goodness He has inside aside, i must admit that i have never EVER been so attracted to any individual in my entire life as i am to Him.  i find Him to be the sexiest Man on the planet...i drool when i think of His body...His hard abs *bites lip* His muscular thighs *starts to get wet* His ass (holy fucking shit!)...His jaw (so square)...His arms with budging muscles...i know i have not mentioned His cock, but let me tell You...i have never EVER cum this much in my entire life time and We have an LDR for God's sake!  He just has the most amazing body and knows how to use it!

Now when i have serious issues i have to deal with, i am not the horniest kitten, i admit that, but most of the time, He has me in a constant state of arousal, which leaves me feeling like a sexual being most all the time...and i love it, i fucking love it!  i spent most of my life feeling the opposite of this, so this has been an incredible 14 months and i look forward to the rest of my days with my Master!

OK, that's all i am going to say about this topic and i know he will hate this post if He sees it, but i just had to vent this out as i sit here with wet panties at the thought of Him.

i don't think of my life prior to SirW, for i know it was what got me to Him, but WOW, i never knew the animal in me was waiting to pounce until i met SirW! *giggles*



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