Thursday, March 22, 2012


The countdown has begun!  Today marks 14 days until i am in SirW's arms...then, of course, i will be on my knees, ready to received kitten's feeding - Yeah!  It will have been 4 months since We were last together in Canada, so i am very much looking forward to His arrival.  Whom ever said, Distance makes the heart grow fonder: You Asshole...You are right!  ♥ giggles ♥ Just when i think i am feeling the deepest in love i have ever felt, i fall in love with Him all over again! This seems to happen with each new sunrise ♥

FOURTEEN DAYS PEOPLE, FOURTEEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Guess how many exclamations...14!)

Have i mentioned how excited i am to see Him in 14 days?????????????? (Did Y/you count the question marks?  There's 14 of'em!)

Prrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (Y/you got it, 14!)

P.S......He'll be meeting my Father for the first time ♥ grins wickedly ♥

♥smiles big, with teeth showing and everything♥


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  1. How exciting for you Kitten! I like you am in an LDR and was with Master in February and now it will be a few months until once again we are together- So I am thrilled for you and envious too. Agree with the heart grows fonder. Just when you think it will burst- they fill it up even more! Looking forward to hearing about your visit in 14 DAYS!!