Monday, March 26, 2012


First of all:Days until SirW and i are together!

May i have Y/your attention please:  kitten has earned 113 swats from her Master's paddle to be administered when, where and by whom Master sees fit! 

We are starting off Our time together with a Road Trip to California, where He will meet my Brother, Niece and one of my Best Friends, as well as get to see where i, a Valley Girl (like, Om-Mee-Gawd, fer sure fer sure!), was raised.  i am sooo looking forward to the 5 hour drive up and 5 hour drive back, for it means time completely alone with my One and Only Love...time spent on a road trip is so appreciated by me because it is time where We may be silent together.  Y/you see...most of the time We spend together has been on skype and on skype, typically, We do not sit and not talk...We talk, We train, We play Scrabble, We eat dinner together...We do a ton of things, but it usually involves talking. 

Please don't misunderstand me when i talk about talking - i am happy about Our communication, but there are moments in a relationship where Y/you just sit and relax, cuddle, take a walk, watch a sunrise/sunset, read a book, cook...these things involve being together, but without words and is important to me.  To just delicious!

And, of course, it's been 4 months since i have felt Him pull His/my hair, force me to His/my knees and feed His kitten.  Take me over His knee and spank me, paddle me, finger me, TAKE me in every/any way he wants/needs.  Tie me up and flog me, gag me, whip me, make me whimper...then soothe me, taking me up and down with sensation play - not too much pain (We are not into too much pain).

i look forward to going to dinner, watching a movie, playing with the dogs, laughing, kissing, loving...all of it.

The visit draws near, the countdown has begun...and with every beat of my heart, i await my Beloved Master.



  1. :) i hope his stay lasts forever for you x

  2. Sometimes it's those silent things you share. Those experiences that really burn a hole in your memory <3.