Friday, July 1, 2011

WET Anticipation!

This morning, Sir's tasks felt more delicious than previous mornings, as the anticipation of His visit this month is eating away at my core.  The anticipation is almost too much to handle.  Uncontrollable smiling and laughter, as though someone just told a joke, but i am alone in my apartment.  my dogs must think me crazy, and they'd be right:  crazy in love!

So, the task for this morning was to spend 15 minutes with my favorite butterfly nipple clamps as shown in this picture (the exact ones...they are painful and remind me i belong to Him, not that i need any reminders!), insert my white balls into His pussy and the small butt plug into His ass (lol) and read Beauty's Punishment (Anne Rice-book 2 of 3 series).  Additional instructions were:  If i had time and the desire, i was allowed to play and release...

If i had time?  That's funny!

By the time the 15 minutes of reading with all the above in place, along with the anticipation of Sir's visit, i was ready to explode, and after just a minute or two, i did exactly that!

kitten took a short hot bubble bath and got dressed.  While walking my dogs, i thought back to the words of my Sir: "kitten, all your openings belong to me, i will take them any time i want" and i know He knows that i crave Him taking everything i have over and over relentlessly.  One of His rules is never to be passive and always aggressive when interacting with Him, and let me tell Y/you, i am so going to find it easy to obey that one: prrrrrrr/growlllll (lol)!

After the walking of my dogs, i got back to my apartment and went to apply my favorite body lotion (Pomegranate by Hemp) and noticed that my panties were soaking wet, so much so that i had to change them.  The anticipation of being with Sir has such an amazing effect on me, unlike anything i have ever known, and i fucking love it (excuse my language)!

Have a great day E/everyone!

--kitten for Sir

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