Friday, July 15, 2011

Special Delivery!

So, kitten was at work when the doorbell rang (we have a doorbell instead of a receptionist - much less complicated-lol). 

Hmmm...numerous packages for kitten.  But kitten never gets packages - what could they be?  kitten did not order anything...

Like a kid on Christmas, kitten rips open the packages with such wonder in her eyes - how exciting!

WUWU:  special deliveries from SirW!  Since He will be visiting next week, He decided to send His kitten beautiful and sexy gifts, such as body stockings, restraints, role-playing outfits-giggle, nipple clamps and much much more!  WOW...this is awesome and made my excitement and anticipation for His visit that more more intense, if that was even possible!

So, of course kitten just had to give SirW a fashion show (via skype)!  kitten played some awesome music and proceeded to try on all the things He sent me and let me tell Y/yo, He has the best taste!  It's also wonderful that everything fit (like a glove).  This is because SirW, in the very beginning of O/our relationship, took all my measurements: wrists, bust, waist, neck.  He is so extraordinary, always so thoughtful and unpredictable!  i never used to get excited when the company doorbell rang, BUT NOW i DO!!!

*smiles like a very satisfied sub*

p.s. kitten miscalculated the number of days (lol) as she (me) was too excited!  He arrives a week from tomorrow, so say it with me now:

E  I  G  H  T  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !


--kitten for Sir

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  1. I love presents, you are so lucky!!
    Eight more days, seven if you don't read this till tomorrow :)