Friday, July 1, 2011

Journal Found (JAN 27, 2011: the day W/we met)

Not sure if i mentioned this, but i kept a journal from the 1st day i met SirW, but it was handwritten and got lost along the way somewhere.  i knew one day it would be recovered, and that day is today!

JAN 27, 2011:
It's Thursday evening.  Feeling more alive than ever - more free to be who I was and destined to be, but only if I step outside my comfort zone, remove previous limitations & push myself to take chances.

For years now, I've wanted things I denied myself. I wanted a new & fresh beginning where I redefined my life, made goals & determinations.

I dusted off my dreams & started to move toward them.....

So, it's Thursday night & I decide I am going to drastically change my style.  I posted a pic of a hot young blond (as seen in the picture to the right -->) on Facebook and asked for opinions on cutting and coloring (my hair has been long and brown & conservative for decades) funky blond to look on the outside how I am feeling on the inside.

After a few responses, I noticed a friend of a friend click the "LIKE" button.


I have always been a strong person.  I work hard at maintaining all aspects of my life.  You might say I have control over myself & my environment, or at least say I'm in tune with it/them.

But recently, towards the end of my marriage, I realized I had very submissive tendencies.  I researched the Internet with the assistance of a friend who once lived the D/s lifestyle.  This person and I role-played a little, look at D/s porn sites and it really opened my mind to a lifestyle that appealed to me.

I decided to check out the person who checked "LIKE" and was pleasantly surprised to see a handsome gentleman.  Intrigued, I sent him a private message to let him know that pic was not me, but some hot blond & I could be her mother.  He said via reply on FB a few minutes later that he knew, but he look at my pics and found me attractive too *smiley face*

We sent private messages back and forth for about 2 hours!  Time seemed to have stopped!  He was so attentive and responsive & after cybering with 1/2 dozen or so young men (too young and immature), along with the one man that I was no longer interested in, this interaction with a confident, yet sensitive adult was sooooo refreshing! *smiley face*
--kitten for Sir


  1. kitten,

    Will look forward to reading your journal entries. That's pretty cool that you met Sir on FB!


  2. Thanks for sharing your journal entries and will be eager to read more. It is certainly an interesting story.


  3. Yes thank you for sharing your thoughts :)