Sunday, July 10, 2011

13 Days...

...and as the moment draws nearer, she can hardly control her lustful thoughts.  Thoughts of being His good girl, and His bad girl have her aching sex drip with nectar. 

13 days, she her mind, body and soul aches for Him.

13 days until He is with her again.  13 days until His hand reddens the ass that which belongs to Him.  13 days until the pulling of her hair by His fingers clenched tightly in her hair.  13 days until His blue eyes pierce her green eyes.  13 days until His mouth devours her lips, His tongue makes itself at home within her mouth and dances with her tongue.  13 days until she can kneel before Him in submission.  13 days until she can kiss every inch of the body she worships, from the crown of His head to the souls of His feet (and everything in between).  13 days until He takes her in every way possible, including the caressing of her heart, which beats only for Him.  13 days until He feeds her His seed of eternity, which she will lap up and savor like a starving baby, sucking fervently, not leaving one droplet to waste.  13 days until He holds her in His arms.  13 days until He declares His love for her once again and she to Him. 

13 days she she trembles with the longing that has consumed her thoughts and fantasies.

13 days until harmony and unity bind us in O/our ceremony of the Roses, where His training collar will be replaced with a permanent Eternity collar with nature and friends as O/our witnesses.

13 days she thinks...until she can wake up next to Him and smile!

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