Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Couldn't Sleep

Yesterday, Sir sent me a text to say "good morning" and my responses led Him to feel that His kitten was feeling less than good, so He skype-called me at work, which was exactly what i needed.  i actually got to see His face for about 20 seconds before the video dropped.  Tears spill from my eyes at the sight of Him.  He knows me like no other, He calms me when i need calming.  He soothes me when i need soothing.  He corrects me when i need correction, protects me always.  He chats with me for several hours, and i feel good again. 

i forgot to mention yesterday, that my monitor at home broke, so i was sad that if He could skype last night, i could not.  i was fortunate though, as my boss allowed me to borrow a company monitor, and i told SirW this and He said He would try to get near a spot to skype (He is on travel and not near WIFI, so it's been hard for Him to skype with me).  i was excited at the thought of seeing His face, or hearing His voice again.  When i got home, i fed my dogs, walked them, hopped into the bath and finished the Sleeping Beauty series - the ending made me feel great!  i got out and did as i was instructed by Him earlier: "you Will insert the blue anal beads and you Will play for Me and you Will cum hard for Me."  So, i did exactly that, and by the time i was done, i was drench form head to toe with sweat and had to shower, but i felt a little relieved.
i proceeded to the mirror to pretty myself for Him, in case He was able to skype.  As i waited for the curling iron to heat, i applied my make-up, as i did the night before in hopes i might see Him via skype, but alas, it did not work out that night.  Make-up turned out nicely, hair curled very sexy and i wait.  "He's on vacation" i say to myself and i keep myself busy, cleaning, Facebooking, trying to find a movie on Netflix.  A text came through letting me know His cousin came by to visit He and His mom and it was already getting late, so i sunk down in the couch, my dogs with me and we nodded off for a few minutes.  i woke up and decided to just go to bed and wake up to it being one day closer to His being here...

Went to sleep without the next day's instructions.  "He is on vacation" is what i said to myself as i tossed and turned trying to sleep.  Thoughts of being Dominated by Him wouldn't let me drift, i grab my training collar and clutch it tight in my hands, my eyes shut, i tell myself to relax, He'll be here soon, hang in there.  Eyes closed, i toss and turn trying to sleep when His text came through with the daily instructions and ...then i drift to sleep.

...i reach out for Him, He is not there of course, but my dreams were a mix of Him and events that happened in the Sleeping Beauty book (lol).  Tossing and turning, i look at the time...2am, need to sleep to be fresh for work.  Toss and turn some more, then i wake up and decide to walk the dogs early and write a blog to express what's been going on inside me...what is going on with me?  Why am i so anxious?  i am a grown woman, confident woman.  i need to be my sunny, happy, cheerful self today.  This is what i want and am determined to make happen!

*blows a kiss in the wind*

T H R E E    D A Y S...!

--kitten for Sir


  1. Being anxious can be something to do with your hormones and not in your control.
    I love the Sleeping Beauty books, they were my very first erotic read.
    Only 3 more days
    Smile :)

  2. My Master is also traveling (until late Friday in His case), and i hold on to my collar at night :) I wish i had something profound and comforting to say, but like SBF, the best i have to offer is: three more days! You can do it!