Sunday, July 31, 2011

His collar

Sir is on His way back to His home.  W/we had a glorious 8 days.  kitten is now permanently collared and the ceremony was phenomenal.  W/we did so many things, created so many memories, but i do not have the strength to share them right now - eventually, i will blog about the whole experience...until then, a little poem:
I am not sad that W/we are now apart
You may not be here, but You are in my heart
It is not from sorrow that i shed a tear
but of joy from the memories that are held so dear
Until the day comes when i feel Your touch
i will practice my aim, so i don't miss You too much
Wishing E/everyone well and that Y/your dreams become a reality,
--kitten for Sir

1 comment:

  1. That collar is lovely. I'm glad it was such a special and meaningful day for you both!