Friday, July 22, 2011


Today is yesterday's tomorrow, but today kitten can finally say, "Tomorrow, W/we will be reunited." 


This mornings task was to PEG His nipples and think about what is to CUM tomorrow and what will be for the 8 days He'll be with His kitten and i did just that...

W/we have so much planned for the 8 days He'll be here, and unlike the first time He was with me (4 months ago), W/we are in the deepest love W/we have ever known, so it's different.  The craving has been so intense that at times, it hurt.  The ache to kiss E/each O/other's lips has been almost overwhelming.  The desire to devour and be devoured has me wet with anticipation.  The longing has driven U/us Bo/both crazy.  The lust will be satisfied...with pleasure AND pain...tomorrow and for 8 days...

So this morning, kitten pegged and played and thought about all this and i did CUM very hard, and when i did, i reached up and touched His collar and moaned His name, "Sssssiiiiiirrrrrr!!!!!"

Then the tears flooded, spilled down His cheeks, staining His face, for the one thought i am avoiding, placing it as far back in my mind as possible... when He leaves.

i will not be thinking about this, i just wanted to express how THAT will be the hardest part of O/our reunion.

Today, kitten is excited about everything that is to be!

Eternity begins...


--kitten for Sir


  1. Separation is difficult! I got insomnia when I was apart from Daddy. It went away as soon as we got married:)!


    P.S. Have a fun time with Sir!

  2. Do not think about the end, enjoy the moment and suck every breath out of the time you are together.
    Have a great time and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Don't forget to tell us how the visit went!