Wednesday, July 13, 2011


There are many things kitten appreciates about her Sir and His creativity when it comes to His kitten's training as a new submissive.  His inventive ways have me always guessing and make Him utterly unpredictable.  The time and energy He puts into His kitten's training amazes me.  From the daily rituals He has me do in the mornings (which vary day to day), to the Word Tasks He gives me on an almost daily basis:  this is when he gives me 3 words to use in a sentence with 3 different people in 3 different conversations...and let me tell Y/you, sometimes these words are REALLY hard.  Take today's for example: PENIS, STRAP-ON & G-SPOT...i mean, come on (lol)...i work in a semi conservative environment, so when the words were GENIUS, BELIEF and ASTONISHMENT, it was a breeze to use *giggles* and there was only one word in the entire history of these assignments that i blanked and did not complete my task...the word was GORILLA and i just got stumped.  p.s. i used one of the words on Sir today (lol) and told Him how i was looking forward to sucking His PENIS *cackle*

One thing that i have found helpful, as well as entertaining (and erotic) is the reading W/we will do to E/each O/other over skype (He told me this will be done in person, when He gets here - YEY!).  By the way, the book Conquer me by Kacie Cunningham is a book i cannot say enough about (Thank you Kacie!!!) and highly recommend to E/every Dom and sub's reading list. 

There are so many other things He thinks about as a Dom that i am left truly flabbergasted at how He puts it all together.  BUT...kitten is going to get her chance to find out - well at least get a taste of it, Y/you see, He told me a while back that one day, W/we were going to have a day where W/we did a D/s role reversal - now please understand that He is not a switch, nor am i and this was something that He brought up in order to not only have fun, but to give me a chance to understand what He goes through as a Dom and to give Him a chance to see how i feel as His submissive. 

This is something W/we plan to execute on one of the days He is here (Nine Days!!! OMG).  Now some of Y/you might be thinking it's time to be a controlling person, but i have plans to be a good Dom *grins evilly* to my seriously, it will be my turn to give Him the greatest pleasure He has ever had to try and show Him how extraordinary my life as His sub has truly been.  i am not going to go into detail about my plans for this D/s role reversal day, but i have been researching and planning for weeks now, as i want it to be a special time for Him, my sub *laughs hard*

Originally, He wanted this to be a full day, but i admitted that i could not take being in control for that long and that i would go nuts not having Him Dominate me for too W/we agreed on noon to 6pm and even that is way too long, but kitten will deal with it *smiles like a she-devil*  Honestly, kitten is looking forward to getting this done and over with and back to the way it was meant to be, the way W/we were meant to be, but i know it will give me a new perspective on how much He does to actively Dominate me, which is something i crave from Him.

More to follow tomorrow, but for now...SAY IT WITH ME NOW:

N  I  N  E  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !

kitten for Sir


  1. Sounds very intriguing I can't wait to hear how it all works out.
    Nine days will go by so quickly.

  2. Your post just oozes a wonderful, romantic happy to hear it! i needed that today :)