Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eternity Preparations!

Sir and i started O/our journey together 5 months ago, and what a ride it's been!  On O/our 6 month anniversary, W/we are planning an Eternity Ceremony, in which His training collar will be replaced by a permanent collar.  W/we are fine-tuning the details of the ceremony together and are working on O/our personal vows.  Neither of U/us are taking this step lightly by any means and are excited beyond imagination!

(Eternity Collar)
W/we B/both realize that W/we are lucky to have found a match between U/us.  This match encompasses all things W/we want in a partner.  The attraction W/we share is beyond compare.  The respect W/we have is sensational.  The Honesty W/we give is phenomenal.  The communication between U/us is abundant and flows like a river.  The love W/we feel is like no other love W/we've ever felt.  The bond W/we share is as close as two can get.  Folks, this is no ordinary love.

kitten is thrilled that W/we are taking this step and will treasure this moment for all eternity *smiles*  The details are not finalized yet, but if it is decided that i am wearing clothes *giggles* i am hoping for something white, flowy and beautiful...not formal like a wedding dress, but pure and simple, like O/our love. 

So, in a few weeks, Sir will visit me again, but this time for a longer period of time and will not have work or anything else to focus on, but His kitten - i could just tinkle right now!!! (but i won't as that is not very lady-like - lol)

All i can really say to accurately express what i am feeling right now is, "Meee-Ooow!!!"

Until next time, may your dreams manifest into reality!

--kitten for Sir


  1. Very exciting, looking forward to hearing more.
    So happy for you both!

  2. Olá Kitten,

    parabéns pelos 6 meses....e pela comemoração que esta por vir.

    Quando achamos, escolhemos e somos escolhidas, por alguém, um DONO, cujo desejos e vontades são convergentes com os nossos, tudo é divino e maravilhoso!

    Eu vivencio isso, exatamente como descreveu, há exatos 3 anos e 8 meses e 7 dias.....Delícia!

    Beijos carinhosos,