Saturday, June 18, 2011

If tomorrow never comes...

Does the O/one you love, know you love T/them?
There is no guarantee of tomorrow...
Tell T/them NOW:  Shout it out!
There is not one day that Sir and i don't express O/our love for O/one another - not one day!

Sir, You make me feel loved in every way, every day!  i love You more than words can say, so i plan to show You with my thoughts and actions as well.  

Thinking about you I'm not sure what to write
Since i met you my head and heart have been in a constant fight
I thought what i was experiencing was a friendship so pure
Now I've realized i want all we have now and more

The moment i realized i was in love with you
Took me by surprise i wondered if my feelings were true
Maybe i confused our friendship for lust/love?
Because the connection we have is of two turtle doves

Every thought of you makes me feel like I'm walking on air
Every part of my life its with you i want to share
When i look in your eyes i see your beautiful soul
And without you beside me i amount to only one half of a whole

I pray that you could love me as deep as this
And you would feel how i feel with a lingering kiss
I wish that I'd had the courage to tell you before
At least then i could have had the chance to be forever yours 
poem by Daisy Wells

Remember, if tomorrow never comes, it's today that matters.  If Y/you create this feeling every day, Y/you will live regret-free...what a wonderful world!

--kitten for Sir


  1. kitten for Sir,

    You're so right. Carpe diem...sieze the day!


  2. Wonderful kitten, absolutely wonderful !!
    XOXO Sir W