Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 OK, now that i have Y/your attention (lol), i am seeking opinions on the following subjects:

Are there P/people with certain zodiac signs that make them more submissive than others?  If so, please tell me which and why?

On the flip side, are there P/people that have certain zodiac signs that make them more Dominant?  If so, please state the reasoning!

Sir and i are not much into astrology, but it does peak O/our curiosity a bit.  From what W/we've both read, O/our signs are not as compatible as others, however, this does not take into consideration BDSM, or the fact that there are always exceptions.  

So, i have been assigned a task of research on the best Dominant and submissive, astrologically speaking :)

In my beginning research, i have read that one of the most submissive signs is Virgo...and guess what kitten is?

 i will be researching this all week, but would also like the opinions of my like-minded readers, so have at it please!

Thanks  in  advance  for  participating!

--kitten for Sir


  1. Submissive Libra here. I am looking forward to the results.

  2. Just to confuse things, and counter sbf...Dominant Libra here. LOL! Actually, by all you read a Libra wouldn't tend to be Dominant. The are passionate lovers always riding the fence and trying to make everyone happy. They try to resolve all conflict and study everything logically before making a decision. And...decision making is not the forte of a Libra either.

    So how did I end up a Dominant? I think signs and astrology have some merit as for overall types, but so much of it has to do with individual personalities. I know one specific Leo that is submissive, but if you read about a Leo, you would think nothing bu Dominant. As for me...well I fall into the easy going make love not war category. Hence the reason, I guess, that I have labeled myself as a passionate and sensual Dominant.


  3. kitten,

    I'm submissive, but only to Daddy! And I'm a scorpio.


  4. i think i'm one of that submissive Virgo :)

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  6. kitten, as I have given this task to you, I believe fair is fair soooo, to throw yet another Kink :) into the fray, I offer up this: As you know, I am Aquarius, whether this is a norm for a Dominant, I don't readily know. I am anxiously waiting your findings at the weeks end. XOXO Sir_W_for_kitten

  7. SirW,

    I find it interesting, even if it's anecdotal evidence, that Daddy is an Aquarius, also:)!