Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meeting Sir's Family

There W/we were, Sir and kitten on vacation - the trip where kitten would meet His family (i'd never met His family and was quite nervous).  

Sir and i traveled to an exotic island resort somewhere.  The weather was warm and sunny and i could not wait to get into the pool at the hotel where His family was staying, but i needed to buy a more appropriate swim suit to make a good impression.  After all, this was going to be my first impression!  

So, Sir met up with His family at their hotel, while i went shopping for a swim suit ensemble, as i wanted to look perfect! 
i found a lovely one-piece purple polka-dotted beauty and matching see-thru tunic and towel.  It was sooo Virgo!  i was sooo happy!  Off to the hotel to meet up with Sir and His family, who were probably as anxious to meet me, as i was to meet them...

i got to the hotel and realized that i did not know the room number of any of His family, so i started to dial Sir, when the elevator door opened and there stood a naked woman who said, "kitten, is that you?"  i was stunned, as she was naked and knew who i was.  She said, "We are at a nude resort, you will need to be naked in order to enter the jaw dropped and my heart started beating so fast, i thought i was going to pee my pants!

You see...Sir had me write on my belly the day before, so i went to shop for a one piece swim suit and cover-up maybe because again, let me stress that this was a "first impression" situation, and i wanted it to be perfect!

That's when i woke up and realized i was only dreaming *whew* 

I had you (the reader), didn't i?

Ahhh, the fine line between vanilla and non-vanilla can be so delicious at times!

--kitten for Sir


  1. Roflol! Yep, you got me;)!!!


  2. Lol I was getting worried for you;)

  3. That was good!! You really had me going, LOL!
    I was mortified for you.
    Thanks for the laugh.