Saturday, June 4, 2011

~Through His eyes~

~On my knees

~Legs parted

~Palms up on knees

~Chin held high

~Back straight

~Eyes forward

~Offers collar high in the air

~Proud to be His.
~Sound of silence and beating heart

~His collar tight around neck

~Silver rings shine

~A myriad of thoughts consume my mind, body and soul

~Through His eyes~

~Reflection of flawlessness is seen:

~Beautiful face

~Plump, pouting lips

~Slender neck

~Smoothness of shoulders

~Shadows of collar bones

~Swell of breasts

~Softness of stomach
~Curves of waist

~Roundness of hips

~Delicious sexy tether lips

~Muscular thighs

~Petite buttocks

~Feminine ankles

~Pretty feet

Not perfect,  but perfect for Him

~Through His eyes~