Sunday, May 29, 2011

kitten hears her Sir's voice

The task for Sunday was to collar and read for 30 minutes.  kitten was given permission to play and release as many times as i desired all day Sunday and here's how it went:

i awake to the distant sound of birds singing outside my patio.  i slip out of bed, naked, and walk to the patio and slide the door open wide, careful not to let the neighbors see my body.  The air is cool, the sky is blue and the wind is strong enough to hear through the birds.  i step away from the door and walk towards my computer table and reach for His training collar, take a few steps to the middle of the room, kneel down into the submissive position and offer the collar up high above my head, my eyes looking to the floor and i wait...

My Sir is not here, but i wait.  i wait until the soft spoken words of my Sir enter my mind and say, "OK kitten, put the collar on."  So i place it tight around my neck and close the clasp and place my hands open-faced on my knees and wait...

My Sir is not here, but i wait.  i wait until the soft spoken words of my Sir enter my mind and say, "OK kitten come sit with me."  So i move to the chair and hear Him say, "Now be a good girl and complete your morning task,"  So i grab the book He assigned me to read (The second book of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series) and walk to the bedroom, open the drawer filled with toys, grab the pink vibrator and laid down.  i turn the vibrator on and open the book and start reading, periodically hearing His voice say, "Good girl" or 'Good little kitten" and this pleases me and makes me wet with desire.

After about 15 minutes, kitten is soaking wet and slips the vibrator inside her and moans, thinking about what she is reading, and she hears His voice say, "That's a good girl" and this makes my passion grow stronger. 

Another 10 minutes go by, still reading, i hear His voice say, "OK kitten, i want you to picture your Sir inside you" and i hear Him say, "whose pussy am I taking?" and i say out loud, "Yours Sir" and i hear Him say, "who do you belong to, kitten?" and i say out loud, "You Sir!" and i hear Him say, "Good girl, now come hard for Me and it will please Me" and with that, kitten screams out the name, "Siirrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!" and feels her body release and pulsate violently, my whole body quivering, chills making the hair on my arms stand up and allow it to course through me, each wave making His face appear as though He is on top of me, smiling at me and i hear Him say, "I love you kitten."

What a way to start the day, eh?!


kitten for Sir


  1. What a lovely account. You two are so lucky to have found each other and figured it out.

    I'm definitely going to have to set up something like that with my beloved June someday :-)