Saturday, May 14, 2011

kitten's Training Collar!

-Just wanted to share that kitten received Sir's Training collar yesterday (Friday, May 13, 2011).  Sir had me measure quite a few different body parts in order to have some things custom made for His kitten.  He put a lot of thought into the design, color, comfort and usefulness and i could not be happier!  

The picture below is kitten with Sir's Training Collar, and with the collar comes additional responsibilities and rules and i am prepared to learn them, live them and appreciate them with immense pride.  

Sir also got kitten an Eternity Collar, which will be THE ONE that does not come off and will represent O/our life and connection in this world together - a ceremony will be had!    Sir will be placing this one on kitten's neck in person (YEY!!!).  

Also, Sir got kitten a beautiful matching set of "Going Out" Collar and Cuffs in the most beautiful  style and color - He has the best taste :)  kitten can hardly contain herself!


kitten can hardly contain herself!


  1. What a beautific smile. That is one happy kitten.

  2. what a lovely contrast! My collar seems very similar to yours, except it's all black. Three o-rings as well!

    Great smile! I'm glad this is here to replace your temporary collar.

  3. Beautiful collar design. Looks good on you