Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yesterday, Sir challenged kitten to go to a sex shop with my new Training Collar on (it would represent my first experience with it on in public) and ask the clerk if they had anything with the name/word "kitten" on it.

This thought sat with me all night - i could not wait to meet this challenge!  i went to a very ritzy and exclusive adult store called "Love Jones" and asked the clerk if they had anything with the name/word "kitten" on it and was told "no."  The clerk, named Angelica, asked me if it was a brand and i told her, "No, it's my submissive name given to me from my Dom that i refer to as "Sir."  i said this with the utmost confidence and pride in my eyes and voice.  Angelica's smile and widened eyes relayed her delight at the whole situation.

I made a sign that says "kitten for Sir" and took it with me, so i could get a picture taken for added excitement, held by clothes pin *wink*!

--kitten for Sir


  1. Too Cute!!! Sounds like you are much more adventurous than I am!


  2. *giggles* Thanks Lily!

    i bet you would do just about anything for your Dom. Besides, the feeling of pride and elation surpasses the adrenalin of it all, which leads to a feeling of accomplishment. i recommend stepping outside the comfort zone to all submissives <3