Saturday, June 25, 2011


i just wanted to share my day with Y/you so far...

This morning, after my prayers (i chant in the morning and the evening every day of my life), i took the kids (dogs:  i have Westies) for their morning walk, and on that walk i felt so very alive, happy, vibrant, submissive and big-time owned!

Then, it was off to get a lube (well, the car...mind always in the gutter?  me too!).  After the Oil change, i got the car washed and instead of my usual Jasmine scent, i chose VANILLA because it is a word that is often used when talking about BDSM topics - this was very pleasing!

Then, i decided to get a manicure and pedicure to enhance my feeling pretty and sexy (i chose black with glitter on top).  The pedicure chair was a massage chair and it just about broke me, but in my mind, i thought about the pain being so pleasurable, that i broke out in a silent snicker to myself, but my eyes gave it away.  The nail girl said to another nail girl (in Vietnamese) that i seemed so happy and she wanted some of it - she did not realize that i spoke Vietnamese (long story for another blog) and i like them not knowing, so i sat back and watched all the people getting pampered until my fingers and toes were done.

Next it was off to the market to buy the ingredients for tomorrow's skype dinner with Sir and His 2 children (teens).  W/we're making homemade spaghetti, with meatballs and baked apples for desert.  kitten absolutely loves the skype dinners W/we share with and without His kids (when the kids are not there, the food preparation is done naked *wink* and has the possibility of getting kinky *grins evilly* but W/we usually get dressed up, including high heels and light candles and drink wine during O/our meal together. 
If you have a long distance relationship, i highly recommend skype dinners - they are sooooo romantic!

i just got home and will begin my fun-in-the-sun-summer-clean-up!  i name it that way because i like to make it an event, with loud music and candles - very much an enjoyable time and of course i have been collared with my training collar since the moment i woke up and will have it on until i go to sleep, as per Sir's wishes (i am delighted to wear His collar this way even without it being His desire, so YEY!)

Sir just text'd me and instructed me to peg my nipples and insert the white balls into His pussy - Oh HAPPY DAY!!!!!

Anyway, i just wanted to share my happiness with Y/you all - have a great day!!!

--kitten for Sir


  1. nice collar, but what a lovely mouth!

    I like the dogs, too: are they (L to R) female and male?