Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Every Step i Take...

Sir and kitten have been together now for more than 4 months, and kitten must admit that i feel blessed with an amazing Dom/Man/Lover.  He uses His creativity every day to keep things fresh.  W/we never seem to run out of things to talk about, laugh about, cry about…together and i am eternally grateful to the powers that be that aligned the stars for U/us to find U/us!
kitten would like to elaborate about the different ways in which my Sir keeps me feeling completely submissive all day, every day, and never in the same manner…
May i present to you, a morning in the life of kitten?  Please keep in mind, every day is differently unique, exciting, creative and, well….FUN!
Morning: sit in submission position in front of the floor-length mirror, offer His training collar up in the air to my Sir (He is not with me, so i imagine Him saying, “OK kitten, put the collar on.” )

Then, kitten was to take His paddle and swat myself 10 times on each ass cheek, then a small rest, then 10 times again on each ass cheek – repeat for a full five minutes.  Then the next 10 minutes was spent reading the designated book (Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice – very erotic). 
Then, take pics and send to Sir for His viewing pleasure:  kitten’s ass was extremely red, and without meaning to, kitten caused a purple bruise (kitten’s favorite color-LOL) on one of her ass cheeks *smiles* 
No, this is NOT me - lol!
Insert the white orgasm balls into His pussy:  OMG, having these things in all day is…well…indescribable – it just has to be done to understand and appreciate!  Kitten loves it, and by the time she gets home, kitten is MORE THAN READY to skype with Sir – LOL!
Then, kitten gets dressed and heads off to work with my word assignment (kitten is given at least 3 words to use in a sentence with 3 different people, in 3 different conversations during the course of her day).  Each time kitten gets to use a word, i giggle inside!
On this day, every step i took, reminded me of Him and my submission.  This does not take focus away from what kitten is doing, but in the back of my mind and in my heart, kitten feels an immense amount of pleasure and delight with every step i take…


  1. Beautiful! It is nice to find someone like that, someone to connect with in such a manner.

    One question about the balls, you use them then out in public I assume, are they at all noticeable? (Me and my Master been wondering about such balls...)

  2. Hi ponderouspet! The only thing that might be noticeable is the spring in my step *giggles* or the huge smile on my face as i walk anywhere *cackles*

    Seriously though, no one can "see" anything, just as they cannot see my underwear, but i know it's there, and so does my Sir and that's what makes it so delicious!

    kitten spends half the time in the vanilla world and knows how to be the good girl the vanilla world expects, but a little D/s fun added to it is awesome, as long as it does not detract from or take focus away from what the vanilla girl is suppose to be concentrating on, so one must be able to handle these type of tasks/assignments without letting it affect her vanillaness *wink*

    Wishing you and your Master well,

    --kitten for Sir

  3. It all sounds very wonderful to me. The love you feel for your Master leaps right off the page.
    Enjoy the peace and satisfaction of your submission.

  4. It sounds wonderful to me too and the connection with ur Sir is so well. :)

    i have the similar type of balls too. It just hard to describe the feeling but every walks remind me of Him. :)