Sunday, July 31, 2011

As it should be

It takes control to give up control.  There is strength in being submissive.  A submissive is a representation of their Dom, so where ever the submissive goes, they shall go with pride in their eyes, a spring in their step and a song in their heart.  One of my Sir's rules...His favorite rule actually and the most important to Him (and i did not understand why until now), is this:  "When i sit, walk or stand, i will do so with the greatest confidence, so that others around me will admire my performance, in public or in private."

In fact, before Sir left to go back to His home, i imagined i would be a basket case, missing Him and weeping for His return.  Then, today, after 8 magnificent days of being together, i brought Him to the airport.  Of course, my heart was beating fast, but i was not sad, nor did i possess any other feeling i imagined i would have.  Rather, i, His kitten, with the promise of eternity in His collar i now wear, kissed Him passionately, looked deeply into His eyes and without words told Him His kitten is strong and would be a shining star where ever i go. 

So, i watched Him walk off into the airport, then i got back into my car and drove home, my head held high, a smile on my face, a twinkle in my eyes.  When i got home, i greeted my dogs, took a look at my apartment and was filled with an immense amount of satisfaction and contentment.  i sat down at the computer and replayed the collaring ceremony and i admit, i cried watching that, but i did not weep due to sadness.

My tears were those of joy and faith.  Faith that He is always thinking of me and i of Him, no matter how much distance there is between U/us.  Faith that one day, W/we will be together again and that until that day comes, His kitten will make a difference in her daily life and have a positive affect on her environment.  Those around me will see my strength and courage.  There is power in being submissive and that power is nurtured by my Dom.  He feeds my submissive nature as i feed His Dominance.  Together, W/we are unstoppable and separately, W/we are also forces to be reckoned with.  W/we are fuel for E/each O/other. 

So, do not worry about this kitten, for i am strong and will grow with each passing day, following His rules, making not only Him proud, but also, and perhaps more importantly, myself proud.

His daughter once said, "Be proud of your flaws" and i say, it is O/our flaws that make U/us uniquely perfect.  In O/our collaring ceremony, W/we made vows which were not only said, but they will be honored.  W/we will live the vow W/we made to E/each O/other, forever advancing along the path of life, gaining great stride and maintaining O/our passion for life.

Sir once said, "A great boss does not mean being bossy" and i totally get that, for His active Dominance requires a control in His control over me, as does it take a great control to give up control to Him, and i do this with a free spirit and open arms.

In days that pass, i will go into detail of some things that W/we experienced as Dom and sub over the past 8 days, but know this:  W/we are two in body and one in it should be. 

Never give up Y/your dreams,  

--kitten for Sir

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    Well I wanted to congratulate you again and say that i am sooo happy for you! I wish you all the best! This was very sweet to read :)