Sunday, February 12, 2012

You Sadistic Bastard!

i don't normally call my loving Dom a Sadistic Bastard, so allow me to explain...

Even though He is not a Sadist and i am not a masochist, there's a bit of these qualities in U/us, and in most D/s couples.  Also, i must defer to RULE # 3: "Pain and Pleasure shall be with me always - in my thoughts and in my fantasies."

i never know what will take place on skype, which is part of the excitement of being with SirW: He keeps things fresh and exciting and ever changing.  That is not to say W/we are not consistent - W/we are totally consistent, but when it comes to my submissive training, He finds ways to push me beyond my comfort zone and stimulate not only my body, but my mind as well.  He calls this mind training, "Mind-Fuck 101" and i find it very interesting when this training takes place.

When i am given the choice of pleasure or pain, why do i not make the easy choice of pleasure when i am not masochistic?  i will tell Y/you why:  because the pain (and evidence of the pain - i.e. marks, bruises, etc.) lasts longer than the pleasure or comfort, if Y/you will.

So there W/we were last night on skype, when SirW has me peg (with clothes pegs) His nipples.  Then He has me unpeg them and turn them the other way and repeg.  He has me do this over and over.  He then tells me that my safeword will not be allowed with this exercise and if want this to stop, i need to shout out, "YOU SADISTIC BASTARD!!!"

Does it hurt worse and worse each time i peg and repeg alternating the way the peg fits crushing His nipples from flat to flat-the-other-way?  HELL YES!  Do i call Him a Sadistic Bastard?  Not right away i don't, and this is what amazes me.  My desire to please Him and take as much as i possibly can, even bring myself to tears, overrides my desire to ease the pain.  His desire comes before mine in other words.

Finally, the pain becomes so great that i call out, "YOU SADISTIC BASTARD!!!" and SirW laughs His ass off!  After the pain subsided, i laughed too.  i love laughing with Him - W/we have so much fun together!

Sir, thank You, You Sadistic Bastard!!!  **giggles**


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