Friday, February 10, 2012

Impromtu text

One of the many things i love about my Dom, is that He is is unpredictable.  That is not to say that He is not consistent - He is the most consistent person i have ever met.  He gives me daily tasks that keep my mind and body submissively stimulated.  Then there are the surprise tasks...SirW and i both work and are focused on what is going on at all times, but i can feel His thoughts of me throughout the day, every day.  He makes being a Dom seem so easy, when i know that it involves a ton of planning and energy towards their sub.  The relationship began over a year ago, but the excitement has never diminished - i always know how He feels and He knows me like no one else ever has...better than myself!

So...i just got a text message: "Butterfly Nipple Clamps, starting at 2pm for 10 minutes, then every hour on the hour for 10 minutes."

My heart began to race, my mouth formed a huge grin, my eyes are sparkling (and my nipples are killing me!), as i am typing this post during my first 10 minutes of wearing the clamps.

SirW always finds ways to engage my mind, body, heart and soul with D/s, allowing me to live the lifestyle, not just practice it when it is convenient, but always. 

RULE # 2: "I am Always in submission to my Dom"

i am so lucky to have a Dom who was born to be a firm, but loving Dom who practices Active Domination.  i can be a handful, but He never makes me feel like what he does is difficult.  Rather, He lets me know that he gains such satisfaction and fulfillment in being my Dom and loving Partner in life.

Now, if i may be excused, it's time to remove the clamps! ***giggles***



  1. Oh my! Isn't it wonderful when you have a Dom that is firm and follows through with direction and guidance? You are so blessed! I can relate to how you felt when you read his text message with his request.

    Thank you for sharing :)

    Fondly, Sky

  2. You both make a wonderful D/s couple. It was so great to hear that soon you would be together.
    smiles & hugs!