Friday, February 24, 2012

Past, Present, Future

Wow, the days are going by so quickly, which is a good thing because Master and i will be together before the year has ended *cheers* i just wanted to share with Y/you A/all the latest task Master had me complete because i feel it was significant to me...

He asked me to write a short report that talked about who i was in the past, who i am now and who i see myself being in the future.  Master assigns self-reflection tasks periodically, so that i am constantly aware of where i came from and my growth as a woman and as His submissive.  Each time i complete these tasks, i see myself and a proud feeling warms over me. 

i love telling A/all of Y/you about SirW and how He touches my life in so many ways, but He wants me to know and feel how much i bring to His world.  The communication exchange W/we have is amazing in that i never have to wonder how He is feeling and visa-versa.

i would like to encourage all the submissives to take a look at their Past, Present & Future and realize how much growth there has been.  W/we are and will forever be a work-in-progress, but it is good to measure how far W/we've come with self-reflection tasks - thank You Master!

May Y/your dreams become reality as mine continue to manifest in my life,


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