Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Best of me

  As i stare out my window at the painted desert landscape, passed the dazzle of the city, to the mountains, i am reminded of SirW’s first trip to see His kitten *sigh* One of the things W/we did was drive to a place called Red Rock.  It was windy, but warm and sunny.  i wore nothing on my face but my freckles and a smile, as i knew W/we were falling in love.  All the memories W/we created together this past year have meant he world to me. 

My submissive journey with SirW has opened up a new and exciting chapter in my life, one that has changed me forever.  The appreciation and gratitude i have gained for my loving Dom wells up within my heart and pours out of me, like the brightness and warmth of the Sun.  His Domination, His energy, His love has made me a complete and whole being and i will forever be grateful to Him for everything that he is.  He knows me like no other and brings out the very best in me.  i never imagined loving anyone so completely, so deeply and yet i have a full grasp on who i am and allowed to be myself, not losing any part me.  This is important, because in so many relationships, people tend to compromise so much, that they sometimes compromise who they are all together…this is unhealthy.   Being lost in love is one thing.  i am talking about feeling free to be present in your own life.  Being engaged and participating in your daily life, maintaining a balance is a beautiful thing.  Having a Partner who allows you, and even helps you to have this balance is extraordinary.  This is what i have found with SirW and plan on giving Him the best of me in return.
(just had to share my joy today!)

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