Monday, February 6, 2012

Vibrant - Liquid - Indigo

Last night before SirW and i signed off from skype, He assigned me the next mornings task of a detailed 15 minutes.  He typically gives me three words for the recurring Daily Word Task for each week day, but this time decided He would have me pick the words from my morning 15 minutes task.

Before i get to that, i want to interject that one of the things SirW and i both enjoy is reading.  He reads His own books, i read mine, W/we read some aloud together (over skype) and sometimes He will send book gifts to my kindle (the kindle He lovingly got me for my last birthday).  i like the book gift in particular, because it is usually a book He has read that He enjoyed and wanted share with His kitten.  Earlier in the day, SirW sent a book gift to my kindle...not a BDSM book, but a vanilla-type book about a Lady and a Knight, a very romantic book.

Now then, on to my task:

For my 15 minutes, i was to take 2 clothes pegs, my small butt plug, the Hitachi Magic Wand and the "O-Gag" harness and place it in front of me, as i sat naked in submission position in front of the full length mirror.  i was to read the new book and select 3 words from the book to use during the course of my day in 3 conversations with 3 different people.  Every now and then, i was to glance at the items placed before me and think about who is controlling me and ask myself if i thought to have these things if SirW and i were not to have met.

i did just that...

Within the book, one of the main characters set out to describe a stranger she had come across in her own castle, a Knight she did not know...i suspect one that she will later fall in love with, if the falling had not already begun.  She described the eyes as being 'Vibrant' 'Liquid' 'Indigo' and as i thought about these words, something stirred within me.  Though SirW's eyes are not the color of indigo, i could tell the feeling she had when describing her vision of his eyes was something i had known myself.  The first time i looked into SirW's eyes in person, just two months after W/we met, i was stunned at the intensity of His eyes.  They are a crystal blue and one has a fleck of hazel green in it...the stare He gave me before He cupped my face in His hands and kissed me deeply melted me into a puddle on the airport carpet.  i think that was the moment i knew my life would never be the same.

To answer His question about the items that laid before me as i read, No...i never thought such things would be in my possession, nor did i imagine my life would open up into a world of such a balance of D/s and eternal love.  i never dreamt that my life would include all the toys i now keep in my drawer that i treasure and have attached fond memories to.  Never did i think my life would be so enriched with a Man such as SirW, nor did i know i would become the submissive i have always been, the submissive that was dormant waiting to manifest itself with SirW.

Each day, i cherish these tasks, i cherish the commitment and energy SirW pours into me, i cherish my life as it is, which includes all the good and bad from my past as well as the promise of a bright future.

May Y/your dreams manifest into reality as mine has,


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