Thursday, February 9, 2012


As the Sun sets over the desert sands, clouds of sienna, crimson and magenta Dominate the sky as it begins to fade into night.  i close my eyes and my mind drifts towards thoughts of His hands all over me, His crystal-blue piercing eyes see through to my soul.  i lean my head back and tilt it to the left as memories of His succulent lips take mine deeply, passionately and without a care in the world.  i hunger to be pulled over His knee and spanked with intense need to give me what His submissive kitten so craves and with each sting, my ass raises for the next, hoping it falls without hesitation, and the next, and the next.  My nipples harden, as i imagine pretty little clamps crushing them, sending erotic signals down to His cunt.  How i long to have my limbs bound, unable to move, safe, secure, elated and dripping wet.  Thoughts slowly wander off to His Twenty-Falls caressing my skin, dancing between pleasure and pain, lust and love, tears of joy to satisfy all my desires of SirW and i being together.  Skin glistening in the moonlight, hearts beating hard, breath panting like animals as He and i merge - crash  into each other’s bodies in every way, for hours until there’s nothing left but our dreams…

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