Thursday, February 16, 2012

Purrrrrectly Submissive!

Today has been so submissively wonderful!!!  Master had me insert my BenWa balls and walk my dogs and keep them in until i got to work *smiles* Then at noon, His instructions were to insert the large butt plug into His ass for an hour, but after 30 minutes, i texted Him and told Him it was extremely uncomfortable and made me feel crampy, so He allowed me to take it out and instead, i was to clamp His nipples with my favorite butterfly clamps for 20 minutes, which i loved!  Then an hour or so later, His text came in to have me clamp again for 15 minutes.  i never know if/when His next text will come, but i am a ready kitten!  Oh, and on the way home, the BenWa balls go back in - what a purrrrfectly submissive day at work! *giggles*


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