Monday, February 13, 2012


As i sit here at my vanilla desk at my vanilla job, i realize my life as a submissive is in disguise.  The kinky things that run through my mind have no place in my office and in the conversations of my coworkers, even though i like them...they just wouldn't understand and would most likely be fearful for me (LOL).  The thing is, i am so proud of being submissive and the lifestyle that comes with it, that it just sucks to have to keep this part of me locked up and not shared.  i will continue to hide it, but i just wanted to state that it sucks that people are offended and disgusted by the kink in the world...perhaps they are repressed and unable to express their own kink?

That's all, just a small rant *smiles*



  1. Just a thought...who knows, but they may be into a kink of their own? It is hard to keep the happiness about this part of my life to myself.


  2. Your title grabbed me immediately. I am doing exactly that, right now sitting at my vanilla desk doing my vanilla job (well mostly!) and hiding my submissive DD D/s lifestyle. So Im right there with you ranting that we have to hide. Kitty's right, who knows what yours/my colleagues are into.....thinking about that makes me giggle to myself as i type ....LOL ;)
    love and hugs kiwi xxx

  3. I always try to spot who could be in to TTWD. I have one colleague I know for many years with whom I came very close disclosing my true relation with melinda. I am almost sure he is in the same position or would at least understand.
    Give aways: "No she is not too thick, she has a belly that is nice to slap" or very recent when talking about a colleague and an other female director: After I commented that I don't understand why she likes a certain other colleague so much. My kinky buddy replied: Oh but she is a bit of a domina and she obviously likes to dominate him, something that would never work with You...... Good thing we where having the conversation on the phone....

  4. Lately, through Fetlife especially, I randomly find more and more people that I wouldn't consider into this lifestyle on there. People I run into in real life. I think there are a lot more of us out there than anyone realizes.

    I feel oftentimes like I have something to hide. There's always something I'm keeping back. Its why I have a blog in part - those thoughts and wanting to share and that need for acceptance has to go somewhere.