Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two in body, One in mind

Today was such a relaxing day, but as the sun sets over the desert, I am reminded that Sir and i are so far apart...

However, each day that passes only deepens my yearning for His touch, longing for His domination, craving for His loving arms to hold me and for Him to take me in every way He desires (and all of it brings me the most pleasure i have never known).

Until W/we are together again, i will be the best kitten i can be, following His wishes, completing His tasks, sending Him positive and beautiful thoughts of His happiness, and until that day comes, W/we will remain Two in body, One in mind...

Though W/we have thousands of miles between U/us, i look at the same sky as He does and revel in the fact that W/we will one day be together again and it lessens my loneliness for Him.

Please don't get me wrong, being able to see each other via skype is a total benefit, but now that W/we've connected beyond mentally into the physical realm of D/s, i will never be the same...

As i write this, tears are streaming down kitten's face...but they are not tears of sadness - they are tears of joy and elation that He and i are connected on numerous levels, which so many others do not have in their lives and it is completely amazing!

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