Saturday, April 9, 2011

Disappointed my Sir

Yesterday, kitten disappointed her Sir...

i said something to Him without thinking about some information i learned the previous day and it made Him very disappointed with me, which cuts me like a knife.  Aside from that, i was not fully unclothed when W/we skyped and i do know better...

Although i was sad that i disappointed Sir, He is very gracious with His punishment, which usually ends up being very pleasurable.

Also, when Sir asked me to recite kitten's rules, i blanked out on the last one, which really gets my goat, but He focused on the positive, which was i got 9 out of ten.  This only makes me determined to get all ten tonight!'s been a week since He was here with me, and i ache every day without being able to receive my training in person...and feel His eyes gaze upon me...and mostly, not being able to receive kitten's feeding hurts the worst!  OK, maybe not having His lips on mine is the worst, but the feeding is something i yearn for!

Ahhh, the week W/we spent together was so amazing - and it could have gone either way when a relationship is formed online, but the power of SKYPE is phenomenal! W/we see each other every night, unless circumstances prevent it (time or travel), but to receive my training in person was...OMG: Far Out!  Sure i can pull my own hair *cough* but somehow, when He did it, i was hooked :) He dazzled His kitten's body with Japanese rope, used a paddle and flogger and took what is His:  EVERYTHING!

...and i knew i was His completely!

At the end of O/our visit, He mouthed the words kitten longed to know: "I love you" and my heart dropped to my feet.  From the bottom of my heart (or feet-lol), i feel so fortunate to have Him as my Dom and i will treasure my submissive journey with Him every step of the way!

--kitten for Sir


  1. Thanks for following my blog and I wish you the very best in your new D/s relationship. It can be very satisfying I know.

  2. Hi Kitten

    what a lovely start to your relationship with your initiation into shibari, i have myself never personally experienced it so you are very lucky to have a Dom that does know and there is a lot more to come!!!!

    blossom xx