Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lessons Learned

Each night, at the end of kitten's training, Sir will assign the next days tasks that i am to follow.  In the morning, He usually has me either peg or clamp my nipples for a specified period of time (typically 10 minutes), in the submissive position in front of the mirror with the exact thoughts He designates for me.  He likes to change it up here and there, so it remains fresh and i keep learning and expanding my experience, while enhancing the joy of O/our D/s relationship.

Last night, my next day's tasks were as follows:

10 minutes with pegs (if my nipples were up to it) in the submissive position in front of the mirror without my temporary collar (ball gag turned around) and see myself as He sees me (OH:  He chose the coolest lick'em-stick'em tattoos for me the previous evening and put them on before O/our training session ended) and enjoy seeing the tatts, and after 5 minutes, i was to put the temp collar on and compare the two feelings.  He told me i did not have to carry the butt plug in my purse, but to still keep His flogger with me.

kitten for Sir
kitten was also instructed to do 2 additional things:

1)  Clamp the silver chained clothes pegs to the bottom of my bra, so that the chain would move as i walked and cause me to think about my Dom
2) Message Him with my neck, wrist and ankle size, so He can have things (collars, etc.) custom made for His kitten
 He also made it known He'd like me to blog, if possible (and continue my reading of other sub and Dom blogs) on a daily basis.

Seems pretty simple, right?

Now let's go to tonight's training session.  kitten had to take care of some personal things, so O/our training came a little later than normal, but W/we still got on skype, and before W/we began, i confessed that the silver chained clothes pegs started to rub me raw by the time i arrived to work, so i moved them to the top of my bra.  He was not pleased, and for good reason!  He asked me if i used my safe word or messaged Him to ask or use my safe word in a message to Him stating what i used it for and my answer was a big disappointing "no."

Although He was disappointed, He said He was going to let that slide, as He felt i would make the right decision next time AND He was certain there would be more that He would discover that would deserve punishment, 


He then reminded me that i did not complete the task of sending Him my measurements, which meant that my collar would now be delayed due to my forgetfulness *sad face* This was important!!!  kitten really blew it!!!

Punishment for this was the removal of kitten-play, pleasure and orgasm denial, but the real punishment was this:

The kitten-play with pleasure and orgasm is something that pleases Him immensely and due to my not following through with my assigned tasks and my needing to be punished, He was denied the pleasure He receives watching my kitten-play, pleasure and orgasm(s) - this made kitten VERY SAD - i tried to hold back the well of tears, but a couple fell from my eye sockets...

Sir is most generous and spends a lot of time, energy and money preparing things for His kitten and the lesson learned here is that i need to show Him that the tasks assigned are important to me and taken seriously or the consequences will be disappointment for both of U/us.

And so, my submissive journey continues, lessons have been learned, tomorrow is another day and another chance to show Him how much i want to please Him and be His obedient kitten!

kitten for Sir

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