Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dinner by Candlelight

Though Sir and i have much physical distance between U/us, the closeness W/we maintain allows that fact to disappear into the the many facets of O/our relationship.  Yes folks, romance can and does exist within the D/s world, if it is desired.  

For instance, last week, W/we decided to gather the same ingredients and cook the same meal together - well not together, but at the same time:  Him in His kitchen and me in mine, thousands of miles apart for Easter dinner on Sunday (O/our camera's were facing the kitchen and i was, of course, naked).

It was kitten's recipe, so kitten gently instructed (i use that word loosely - lol) Sir the preparations for the meal, which was a specialty of mine: Chicken Quesadilla *licks lips*

He chopped onions while i chopped onions.  He roasted the different colored peppers as i roasted peppers.  W/we sauteed and stirred while W/we smiled and laughed together.  W/we added the chicken and finished the mixture while W/we sipped our respective beers.

Then W/we put the meal together: butter in the pan, then a tortilla, cheese, mixture, cheese, top tortilla, flip and done :)

He told me to get dressed up with high heels, so i did (without hesitation).  When i returned, the screen was dark...until the candlelight softly lit the face of my Dom, my Sir, my Love...

W/we ate, drank, talked and laughed - it was sooo romantic!

p.s. Today marks O/our 3 months together (He sent beautiful roses with a handwritten card that told a story of the the treasure that is U/us: rose and Thorn.

--kitten for Sir


  1. I love the romance of this story, congratulations on your 3 months and many more to come.


  2. That's a lovely story and a clever idea, thanks for the beautiful writing.

  3. What a completely lovely idea, and a great way to share something special so far away! <3!