Saturday, April 16, 2011

The day O/our eyes met

If kitten hasn't mentioned it, Sir and i live thousands of miles apart and communicate daily via text and nightly via skype.  A few weeks ago, however, after 2 months of not being able to actualize the physical D/s adventure, the day came where O/our eyes met and the long awaited kiss finally happened...

For a few weeks prior, Sir was told that there was a possibility he could take a training course and it happened to be right where i lived!!!  As the days past, W/we grew more and more excited to finally gaze upon each other in real life, kiss the lips that have only spoken, touch the skin that W/we've longed to caress and do everything Sir has trained me on long distance...

Was i nervous?  No!  Anxuious?  Hell Yes!!! (LOL)

In His line of work, things change all the time and travel can hit at any moment (without going into detail about what He does, it is military-related).

Anywhooooo: Friday came and He still was not sure about coming that weekend, which was torture in itself!

Saturday came and i received a text message that said, "How bad do you want O/our first kiss, kitten?"  Upon reading this, i started to cry deeply as i knew my Sir was coming to be with me, finally!

The next day, Sunday, at 13:53 (lol, love it when the military use time like that!), His plane was to arrive and i was at the airport, pacing back and forth at the escalators, asking a passenger from each plane that landed if they were coming from where Sir was from...

20 minutes go by and i grew very VERY anxious, palms started to sweat and the thought of Him not making the flight entered my head...then i saw Him...

He came right to me and W/we hugged tight for a moment, then He cupped my face in His hands and said, "kitten: skype does not do you justice, you are so breathtakingly beautiful" and then kissed me as though no one else existed in the airport.  It was like a scene from "Officer and a Gentleman" - the most unbelievable first impression!

Honestly, skype did not do Him justice either, He was the most handsome, gorgeous, beautiful man i have ever laid eyes on, including any movie star, etc. and kitten melted into butter right there in the airport!

W/we spent a whole week together and it was soooo fucking (sorry for swearing) incredible!!!!!

I will talk more about O/our week in other posts, but for now i can say that both Sir and i feel extremely blessed that the stars have all aligned to make O/our union a reality and W/we could not be happier!

--kitten for Sir

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  1. So glad to read this love story Kitten, online dating really does work sometimes!