Sunday, April 17, 2011

Disobedient kitten

For nearly 3 months now, kitten has recited and followed Sirs rules.  These rules were well thought out, customized and specialized just for kitten and it is an honor to live by them, but sometimes...kitten forgets and acts according to her own accord and is considered disobedient, which that goes against one of His rules and will not be tolerated.

As part of my nightly training from a far, Sir will have me retrieve certain items from the drawer in my bedroom, so when He tells me to go get them, i walk away from the monitor, where He can see me on skype and go to my bedroom to grab the requested items.  Sir can see me walk to my room, which is behind me when i skype and tonight...

When i returned to the computer, He asked me what i did prior to fulfilling His request, so i told Him what i did: kitten straightened up her bedding and picked up a few items that were on the floor...

Sir then told me to get into the submissive position and recite His rules, which i did.  Then He asked me to come and it, so W/we could talk about this.  He asked me about the last rule i recited and kitten repeated the rule: "i will not hesitate in my obedience to my Dom."  He asked me if i followed this particular rule tonight and kitten could not say yes, as i felt like a disobedient kitten at that very moment.

Sir graciously informed me that He noticed my deviation from retrieving His requested items to straighten up my bed and pick a few things up off the floor instead of going, without hesitation, to complete the task kitten was assigned.  

kitten realized that i had placed His desire aside to take care of my own desire and it went against one of His rules, so i had to be dealt with right then and there...

W/we started training, where He showed me how to create a rope gauntlet on my arm.  It was simply beautiful and i felt so lovely wearing it.  Then Sir asked me to "play" as He usually does, but this time, He did not have me clamp or peg or do anything that involved any pain of any kind and i felt like it was missing, and when i mentioned it, He then made sure i knew that it was purposely left out as a punishment for kitten's disobedience and i got it.   

There is always a method to His madness...and a madness to His method *smiles*

It was the first time i had pleasure without pain since W/we met and it felt so different, but He still brought me to the brink and beyond.  Even when being punished, He is so kind and giving - i learned my lesson, but He was so generous at the same time that i know i am a very lucky sub to have a Dom be so amazing, i truly know this and thanked Him for it.

Another topic came up tonight, but kitten will save it for a separate blog, as it is one of the most important topics of O/our D/s relationship and it is special, so i want to give it a spot light of its own...

--kitten for Sir


  1. Its nice that you have a D that cares enough to punish you. You are very lucky!

  2. It's good to have a reminder like that. I can't imagine being so focused. And, your Dom had such a great way of punishing you; it didn't need to be extremely harsh to be understood and felt by you!