Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sir and i have been together for nearly 3 months.  As i am a new submissive, W/we've talked about many subjects, researched many websites, read various different blogs (both subs and Doms) to gain different perspectives and opinions about a myriad of topics throughout my submissive journey.

One topic W/we talked about in the very beginning was wearing a collar and what it would represent to U/us if W/we chose to go there. 

kitten says it that way, as i feel that every D/s relationship is different - a customizable creation that "is what it is to the two involved" and not what others think it should be or mean.

To U/us, a collar should only be considered if each role has earned it.  The commitment and solemn vow that a collar represents on both sides should be taken seriously as any commitment or binding contract.

So, the subject came up again yesterday, and there were questions W/we asked each other:
  • Do W/we have Honesty between us?
  • Do W/we Respect each other with each role W/we have the calling for?  
  • Do W/we Trust each other in O/our respective roles?
  • Does Sir feel that kitten has earned and understands the meaning of wearing Sirs collar?
  • Does kitten feel that Sir has earned the giving of herself and belonging to Him?

Then Sir asked me to tie the ball gag around my neck to simulate a collar and asked me how it made me feel and i searched for a word...just one adjective to describe how it made me feel.  

He asked me if it made me feel a sense of Security, a sense of belonging and i nodded, but those words were not enough to accurately convey how it made me feel, so He suggested kitten think about it for a few minutes and i did. 

He stepped away for a few and when He returned, i told him it made me feel connected and attached to Him, like there was an invisible chain that filled the gap of thousands of miles that reality placed between U/us.

Then tonight, He had me put the temporary collar (ball gag) on my neck and kept it there during O/our training.  Then towards the end of the training, it became very clear to me how the collar made me feel in one word:
kitten for Sir
Sir has chosen me to be His submissive and i have chosen Him to be my Dom.  W/we have pride in the fact that W/we are with each other by choice when there are so many others out there that W/we could be with.  

The pull W/we have for each other as Dom and Sub extends to the Vanilla world too...as Man and woman, the love W/we've developed is beyond compare and that makes O/our D/s relationship that much more satisfying and rewarding on so many levels.  

kitten will never forget when Sir sent me roses to celebrate O/our one month together...the card read, "What is a Thorn/Me without its rose/you?" and i melted into a puddle of butter!

I guess what i want to say is that this feels right for U/us and so W/we have chosen to add a collar to O/our world and are very happy to have come to this conclusion.

--kitten for Sir

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