Wednesday, May 2, 2012


i can no longer keep this in...

From the moment SirW and i started writing to each other 15 months ago, then to skyping, then to meeting in person, my becoming His submissive, falling in love with Him, His declaration of love for me, the love and respect His children and family have for me and i have for them, the total compatibility and match of our puzzle pieces to planning my move to Canada to be with Him permanently, this journey has been amazing!

To say the signs have all been there, that the environment has guided our union so effortlessly is an understatement.  i never believed in love at first sight, but this is as close as one can get, for from the very beginning, i fell for Him so completely that it felt like a fairly tale...and still does...

He is everything a Man should be and the type of Man every good woman deserves, then add all the side benefits that a girl secretly wishes her mate had...the things that don't matter but WOW are they wonderful.  Sometimes, He makes me blush, He makes me laugh, He excited me to no end, He keeps me perpetually wet with anticipation of being touched by Him.

But just knowing someone like Him is like knowing a heavenly being put here by a higher power.  His love is like being loved by an angel.  i will spend the rest of my days giving Him the best of me, being the best i can be in society, making Him proud of me as a person, His submissive, His woman and...soon...His wife.

While i have not had an official proposal, i just have to get this off my chest:  WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!

The details have not been worked out, but it's happening and We could not be happier.  We are living proof that LDR's can work out even better than relationships by two that live around the corner from each other.  SirW makes the Man of my dreams seem like a punk *giggles*

i am so grateful to be given the greatest treasure i could ever have hoped for in Him...He is the love of my life, the Dom of my dreams, my Protector, my Lover, my Best Everything - i wish this kind of bond could be experienced by everyone, for if it could happen, there would be no more war, there would be peace and serenity on Earth.

Those of Y/you that have followed my journey from the beginning have seen this love blossom to what it is now, so i really wanted to share this information with Y/you, even though it is unofficial - stay tuned for updated news on how this all turns out :)

May Y/your dreams manifest into reality as mine have,



  1. CONGRATS!!!!!

    I love happy endings & happy beginnings and it is wonderful to see both in your blog.

    Can't wait to hear all the details and continue to share in your happiness!


  2. Congratulations to you both....amazing to hear that your LDR has really worked for both of you and its lovely to see success in these relationships.

    i hope you will share all your preparations along the there will be

    sending best wishes to you both...smiles

    blossom xx

  3. Wonderful news! Congratulations!