Thursday, May 3, 2012


One of the many things SirW and I did during His last visit with me was go to a BDSM club (The Power Exchange).  There are many rooms for various purposes, including a couple of dungeons with St. Andrews crosses, spanking benches, etc. that We use and highly enjoy, along with others.  When others are doing a scene, they usually rope off their area and there are places to sit and view the scene.  The two dungeon spaces are not far from each other, so sometimes things can be heard from one space to another, especially if there’s yelling going on, which can occur at times with some, especially Sadists

We watched a Sadist (Top) go to work on His masochist (bottom) for a while, then went into the other room to begin a scene of Our own.  One of the things SirW did with me, is blind fold me and rope me up and lead me around the club.  This is an exercise of trust mostly, but it also made me work on focusing on His words and block out anything else I heard, but suddenly I heard the Sadist yell, “Don’t you fucking stop, don’t you fucking stop!!!”  The masochist screamed and I wasn’t sure it was pleasure or pain, but she did not call a safe word, so I knew the yelling was part of their scene, so I remained quiet and curious about what was going on.

SirW lead Us back to Our scene area, removed the blind fold and ropes and finished with the scene.  I finally had to ask Him what all the yelling was about, so He told me to go over and ask the masochist because their scene was over, so I went over and sat next to her and asked her what all the yelling was about and she pointed to the ground next to the St. Andrews cross.  I looked and saw a big wet spot and looked back to her with a puzzled expression and asked, “what’s that?”  She said she squirted because her Master kicked her in the cunt!

Kicked her in the cunt???

My mouth dropped open with shock as I tried to envision her being kicked in the cunt…I just said, “Oh wow, and that made you squirt?”  She said, “Yep, does every time!”

I went back to SirW and told Him what she said and He just laughed at me and my dumbfounded expression.  The picture I had was of a violent kicking of the cunt that would be so painful and cause purple bruising, but that’s not what took place.  SirW proceeded to show me a little of what took place and it made me laugh my ass off!  Now SirW kicks my cunt and I crack up laughing because it’s an inside joke for Us.

Cunt Kicking – who thinks up these things?!?

Sing it with me:
You’re a:  Cunt Kicker, a Clit Licker, a Nipple Flicker don’t you mess around with me! Kick me with your best shot!



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  1. oh wow the thought of that brings tears to my

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