Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Looks towards the future...

kitten dances around as she prepares the house for His homecoming.  she sings like a bird as she cleans and dusts and puts everything in its place.  she checks the food in the oven and smiles as she knows it’s His favorite.  She turns some Japanese meditation music on softly and inspects the house and nods with approval at how soothing it will be for Him.
Up the stairs to the washroom she goes to prepare herself for His arrival.  Carefully, she soaps her entire body, cleaning all her openings, for her openings belong to Him and are to be ready for His use at any given moment.  Rose scented shampoo and a shave of her legs makes for silky smooth softness all over.   She loves the water and how it makes her feel so pure as she rinses off.  After she towels dry, she applies the Rose water and cream all over her body and breathes in the light and sweet smell of female goodness.  Tonight, she lets her hair dry naturally, for He loves the slight curl and shine it has without too much fuss.  No make-up tonight…just freckles, her bright eyes and a smile.
Down the stairs she goes…dinner is done and the time draws near for His return to her, so she runs to the front door and to her knees she falls, right into submission position and waits.  She waits with a song in her heart and love in her eyes and anticipation of a beautiful night with Him.

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