Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our LDR leaves behind the LD!

Well kick my cunt and call me kitten!  The countdown for my move to Canada has begun - 1 month from now, Our LDR relationship leaves the LD behind!  Master called my father to ask him for my hand in marriage and permission to take me from my country into His to take care of me for the rest of my life...i'd say i am speechless, but this kitten rarely stops purring :)

i am literally living my dreams!  kitten is so looking forward to attending weekly BDSM sloshes, bi-monthly play parties, BDSM workshops, submissive round tables and tea parties and many more BDSM functions. 

Aside from this, We have a beautiful vanilla life filled with all the splendor that a match made in heaven can have.  While SirW and i are active in the BDSM community, We are so much more than just that.  He has told me on numerous occasions that i am first and foremost His lady.  We have tons of vanilla plans from going to the movies, romantic dinners and long walks into the sunset to travelling around the globe together.

Our journey has just begun and one day, We will be rocking in Our rocking chairs, old and grey - well, i will be roped to it, but still *wink*

So hard not to do my happy dance at the office!  Gotta a sparkle in my eyes and ChaChaCha in my heart!


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  1. Happy dance your little heart out girl! As a dancer, I know the feeling to wiggle in a public place. Sometimes you just gotta let the happy happen and shake your ass around.