Tuesday, May 22, 2012

18 days...

…until i see His face and His sparkling blue eyes that squeeze my heart.
…until the crack of His whip stings my wanting skin.
…until Our hungry mouths crash into each other passionately.
…until His fingers twist in my hair and tighten aggressively.
…until His hands are all over His kitten’s body, leaving no place unattended.
...until  i am leaning over His knees and His hand spanks kitten’s ass relentlessly.
…until i am on my knees at His feet, sucking feverishly, taunting kitten’s feeding.
…until i am zapped over and over by His use of the Violet Wand.
…until We make mad, Earth-shattering love to each other for hours.
…until the tails of His flogger fall over kitten’s needy body.
…until We are walking hand in hand into a beautiful Canadian sunset.
…until His hands grip my hips as He takes pleasure in His kitten’s ass.
…until Our wine glasses clink over a lovely fancy dinner.
…until kitten’s nipples are tortured with pleasure and pain.
…until We snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.
…until We attend the BDSM sloshes and play parties together and have scenes of Our own.
…until Our laughter fills the house with positive spirit.
…until We wake each day with a new sense of love, filling the house with romance.
…until Our lust for each other fills the house with passion.
…until the distance that has been between us is no more and Our lives begin anew.


  1. whoo hoo...the time will fly in until you get there..

    blossom x

  2. I am thrilled (and jealous- but in a good way) for the both of you!!!