Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Removal of His collar

No, not permanently...

SirW collared His kitten in July of last year and i have kept it on, save for a few times. 

One time was when i had to have an MRI, so i had to take it off...yes, i was very upset about it, but understood why. 

Another time was when i had nasal surgery...when the possibility of cauterizing is involved, there's a chance the electricity can travel to any metal on the body, thus why people are asked to remove all jewelry prior to. 

Another time was when my Master thought my neck looked so pale in comparison to the rest of my tanned body that He asked me to remove it and sunbathe, so i did...yes, i was not happy about removing it, but it was His wish, so i did it to obey Him. 

i am having surgery on my finger tomorrow to remove a non-cancerous tumor called, "Glomus Tumor" that has been causing me an incredible amount of pain for about 2 years now.  The X-Ray, MRI and Bone Scan all showed nothing, so i sat in pain for so long.  Recently, the pain got so bad and frequent, that i could not sleep.  No sleep lead to blurred vision, among other things.  i started to make mistakes at work as i could not focus with being so exhausted. 

Yesterday, i saw a hand surgeon, who told me right away that he knew what the problem was and could fix it and have me out of pain right away - i balled like someone gave me bad news...i could not help myself, for i never thought i would hear those words and i was so happy!

Happy, but i still hate taking off my collar (and piercings)! 

p.s. i know i owe a bunch of stories from when SirW visited me and they're coming, i promise...please be patient with me, as i get my sanity back first, k?


In good health,



  1. hope all goes well for you.

    blossom x

  2. Good luck on your surgery. You'll have your collar back on in no time. And I'm sure SirW wants you to be pain free and well rested.