Thursday, October 25, 2012

for no reason...and for every reason

As i sit here alone and in comfort on this beautiful Canadian Autumn morning, i breathe in His scent and look around the room with love in my heart and smile with absolute contentment.  i am where i was destined to be...with Him.  Remembering the days when We first met and the distance they carried between Us have me feeling blessed and overjoyed, for i am finally  home.  i have all that i need in Him and Our world and am bursting at the seems with abundant happiness.  Each day, to wake with Him by my side is a blessing that makes me feel like the richest woman on this Earth.  It occurs to me that i fall in love with Him all over again...for no reason...and for every reason, again and again, every day.  Were the end of days to come tomorrow, i can honestly say that i am fulfilled. 

1 comment:

  1. i am really happy for you. my new Dom and i met about two years ago and its like everyday i fall in love for him. No one knows the happiness and the joy that fills my heart to know that i do what ever i can to please Him and keep Him that way. im His precious slave (hence the name). i wait the day that W/we can live T/together so i can be at His feet all the time. i know that i will be as smitten as you are.